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Greg Newman

Chief Executive Officer

After spending nearly 20 years in the high tech world, working for large Fortune 100 companies like Apple and Oracle in executive roles, and successfully building two startup technology companies, returning billions of dollars to investors, Greg co-founded a successful Silicon Valley venture capital firm. Making the original investment in a small startup company in China called Baidu, referred to as the Google of China, Greg joined the board of directors and helped lead Baidu to a public offering in 2005 that was the biggest foreign IPO ever on Wall Street. Today Baidu has over 40,000 employees and a market cap of approximately $70 Billion.


After his successes in high tech, Greg set his eyes on energy, starting an energy development company that builds alternative energy plants in Latin America and Africa serving some of the most underserved and energy poor countries and communities in the world, like Sierra Leone, West Africa. Greg and his family formed a Family Foundation in 2000 to "give back" and provide funding for projects that have brought clean water, community development projects, and literacy to communities around the globe.


Greg is a co-founder of and original investor in Cerule, a company started by his father in 1999. In January 2014, after the passing of his father, Greg assumed the role of President and CEO of Cerule and has been focused in continuing the legacy and vision his father had to build Cerule into a science-based global nutritional supplement business that brings benefit to people's health and well being in a wholistic way.


When not working, Greg enjoys snow skiing; rooting on his local baseball, football, and basketball teams; spending time with his wife of 32 years, Jeanine; and spending time with his 4 adult children, Grace, a university graduate student studying for her Masters of Business Administration; Will, a musician and song writer in Los Angeles with his wife Brittany; Luke, a recent psychology graduate from the University of California, Berkeley; and Annelise, a senior at a private university in Southern California studying education.

Jonathan Lester

Chief Operating Officer

Jonathan "Jono" brings more than 20 years of global corporate executive experience to the team at Cerule. Having graduated from law school in his native Johannesburg, Jono spent the next decade working in a range of diverse industries for small companies and a large multi-national, including leading a division of a Fortune 100 firm for a number of years.


Jono is responsible for finance, HR, operations, logistics and our international business at Cerule.


When not at work, Jono enjoys traveling, motorsport, golf, fine wine and gastronomy. He currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with his two teenage children - Jesse (an aspiring golfer) and Gabriella (an aspiring artist and musician).


Jono has a law degree from the University of Johannesburg and an MBA from Bond University in Australia.



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